Who am I?

My fake name for activism is Khadija Kafir. I am from Brazil and I fight against Islam and Islamism. I am not an ex-muslim, because I never believed in islam. However, I have a muslim sister who lives in Qatar and is married to a Pakistani. I was a christian during my adolescence and I almost became a nun. Today, I am an atheist.


My mission is to fight against islamism and the spread of Islam in Brazil by making the existence of ex-muslims and their struggle visible.  Ex-muslims are the most persecuted and discriminated people of the world.  They are discriminated even by those who claim to fight discrimination and bigotry (for example, western feminists). But I believe they have more power against islamic apologists.

About this blog.

In this blog, I take the best articles written by ex-muslims and turn them into Portuguese language in order to show my people here in Brazil. I do that only for activism, and not for financial gain. This blog doesn’t have advertisements. The name of the blog just means “ex-muslims” in the Portuguese language.

If you are an ex-muslim, please, be my guest! I don’t care if  you belong to the right, or to the left. If you don’t mind I translate your article to show my people, I will do it!

I always try to see the copyright of the articles I translate. But If you are the author of something here and for any reason you want me to remove it, just let me know.

I just want you to know that you – the ex-muslims – are not alone and many people care for what you do.

Other works.

I also have a Facebook profile. Just look for Khadija Kafir and you will find me. Here is the link https://www.facebook.com/khadija.kafir

I also run a page about islam on Facebook. It is made for Brazilians (100% Portuguese), but you can give your like (thumb up) to show your support.


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